Marigold - Face Nectar

Marigold - Face Nectar

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MARIGOLD is created using homegrown organic marigolds have been slowly infused in rosehip oil & blended with Australian small farm cold-pressed jojoba oil to calm & add additional hydration to dry, sensitive or mature skin. 

Marigolds are part of the calendula family have wonderful healing, soothing & antibacterial properties. Rosehip oil hydrates, balances & promotes collagen production with Jojoba balancing skin sebum. Rose absolute, frankincense & jasmine essential oil supports aging skin, help smooth & reduce the appearance of wrinkles & scars while ylang-ylang balances oil production & stimulates the growth of new cells. Complete nectar for your skin!

A light oil that absorbs quickly into your skin leaving it soft & silky smooth without feeling oily. Perfect for all skin types or those that lean towards a more sensitive vibe.


Apply a few drops to freshly washed skin, to hydrate, nourish & soothe skin. To enhance your self-care ritual, massage in gently with fingers or a jade roller.


love*, marigold* infused rosehip oil* jojoba oil, almond oil essential oils- rose absolute, jasmine, frankincense, ylang-ylang *certified organic

Size: 30ml

Handmade in Newport