Banjo the Bilby
Banjo the Bilby
Banjo the Bilby
Banjo the Bilby

Banjo the Bilby

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Meet Banjo, the Australian Bilby! He is cheeky but secretive and loves to get in to mischief when no one is watching. He loves stories and sharing adventures and above all snuggles at the end of a long day filled with fun!

Handmade from homespun cotton, with minky backed ears, these pensive bilbies make a sweet companion for any child.

The soft colour palettes are complemented by a pure wool crocheted scarf, which little fingers will love to rug their new friend up in.

Banjo measures 17cm tall not including their ears.

Please note these are not suitable for children under the age of 3 for bedtime, unless the scarf is removed

Did you know that the Australian Bilby is the closest representation of the introduced bunny and is listed as endangered in QLD and under threat elsewhere in Australia. And it’s not just the Bilby that is threatened by its decline in numbers, other animals rely on the habitat that the Bilby creates and without this refuge they are becoming increasingly low in numbers. 

Size: 17cm tall

Handmade in Pambula Village